A conference call on the implementation of the project “Effective Primary Medicine in the Community” and the conditions for participation in the mini-grant competition for projects aimed at developing primary medicine in the communities of Kharkiv region was held in the Council House.

The meeting was held by the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, the Chairman of the Board of Partners-Beneficiaries of the project “Effective Primary Medicine in the Community”, Sergii Chernov. Heads of local governments in Kharkiv region worked in district studios.

Opening the meeting, Sergey Chernov reminded the participants of the conference call that the project with a total budget of more than 501,000 euros consists of four components.

“The first component has already been implemented, namely, a Resource Center has been created, which opened on January 17, 2019,” said Sergii Chernov. - The resource center is the so-called quick help for those who need advice and clarification about medical reform. This is a platform where seminars, trainings, meetings are constantly held. Project experts provide advice and explanations on health development for representatives of communities, local authorities. They also teach how to develop community health through workshops and webinars. ”

As Sergii Chernov noted, the second and third components of the project, concerning training and awareness-raising, are also being actively implemented.

During the first three months of the new year, seventeen trainings in which 68 employees from 19 institutions of primary medical care of the Kharkiv region took part, were conducted on the basis of the Resource Center.

"The chief doctors and their deputies, economists and chief accountants learn to solve new management tasks, get explanations on legal and personnel issues, approaches to working with staff under the new financing system, develop strategic plans for the development of their medical institutions, make financial plans," explained Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council.

The first training modules for heads of local governments and family doctors who want to open a private practice (individual entrepreneur) also took place.

In December 2018, job fair for students and graduates of medical institutions was held so that young people were not afraid to go to work in villages and towns, and 25 medical institutions of Kharkiv region presented their proposals there.

In total, 83 training days, 210 consultation hours and 22 webinars for management teams of primary medical care centers, community and district leaders in Kharkiv region and doctors who plan to open their own practice are scheduled to be held at the Resource Center this year.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that the focus of today's discussion will be the fourth component of the project “Effective Primary Medicine in the Community”, namely, the mini-grant competition, which started on March 28 of this year.

“In 2019, according to the terms of the competition, 10 mini-grants will be awarded for the amount of up to UAH 300 thousand each,” said Lyudmila Nemykina, head of the regional council's permanent commission on budget issues, vice-president of the Association of Local Self-Government in Kharkiv region, head of the Community Development Center. “These funds will help introduce strategic plans for the development of primary care institutions and innovations in the system of medical services, strengthen human resources, upgrade equipment and thus improve the work of primary health care institutions.”


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