A meeting with the delegation of the UN Representative Office in Ukraine was held in the House of Councils. Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, the coordinator of UN system in Ukraine; Osnat Lubrani, the UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine; and Lotta Sylvander, the UNICEF Representative in Ukraine were attended at the meeting.

In the course of the talks, the parties exchanged views on the cooperation with the UN system in Ukraine; opportunities for the expansion of the areas of cooperation and for the support of regional initiatives were discussed pointedly.

For example, Osnat Lubrani gave an assurance of the desire “to pay more careful attention to the support of interaction between local self-government and civic society through the development of not only national projects but also local ones.”

Sergii Chernov characterized the relations between Kharkiv Region and the UN Representative Office as extremely productive, such that, without exaggeration, have given new impetus for the development of the region.

“A wonderful history, almost a ten-year one, has occurred between Kharkiv Region and UN projects. It was the initiative of the UN Representative Office that have forced us to look in a whole new way to a project approach. The advantages include, among others, the motivation of people to take part in projects; transition of the public to a partner attitude to the public authorities. This, in essence, is a way to the establishment and development of civic society,” said Sergii Chernov.

“During the period of cooperation, we have implemented over 140 projects to the total amount of more than UAH 50 million. But the most important, we have adapted this concept to the regional contests which have been carried out successfully as long as for more than eight years. Funds from the regional budget are allocated for the co-funding of the projects of the development of communities the volume of which funds is, this year, over UAH 80 million. A contest provokes competition among projects and communities encouraging them to self-perfection.”

Apart from the already embodied things, as the Chairman of the Regional Council said, new benchmarks for interaction have been established:

“The signing of an agreement between Kharkiv Regional Council and the UN Representative Office in November of the last year became a new stage of relations. In pursuance of this document, over 100 representatives of united territorial communities have been trained. This particular assistance serves in favor of the introduction of decentralization, of enhancing the development of communities. Thank you very much for assistance. The main thing is to attain the set objectives and to obtain the results which are based, in the first place, on public confidence in the government and community development.”

Basing on the specifics of the UNICEF activity and the practice of the support of young talents characteristic of Kharkiv Region, Sergii Chernov, for his part, proposed an innovation line for the common cause:

“For already 10 years, we have conducted, in Kharkiv Region, DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival; during the last five years, we were supported in this by the Council of Europe. Only the last year, representatives from over 90 countries worldwide participated in the Festival who delivered over a thousand of works. Therefore, I would like to invite you to be involved in the jury, as well as to introduce one more prize or award to winners from UNICEF.”

The UN representatives in Ukraine promised to study attentively all the propositions of Kharkiv Region in order that both expert and financial support for the UN would be as much effective as possible.

Among the initiatives which are being implemented now in cooperation with the UN Representative Office, since November 2018, Kharkiv Regional Council has promoted actively, under a comprehensive programme entitled “The Development of Local Self-Government in Kharkiv Region for 2017 to 2021”, to the implementation of the HOUSES ProjectAssociations of Co-owners of Apartment Buildings (ACAB) for the Introduction of Sustainable, Energy-Effective Solutions.”

The European Union provides financing for carrying out a 4 million Euros project under a comprehensive Energy Efficiency support programme for Ukraine (EE4U). The Project will last for 2 years (till September 30, 2020). To date, the Kharkiv Regional Council has held four training workshops for representatives of ACAB and local self-government bodies (2 in Kharkiv for 43 persons, 25 in Kupiansk, 20 in Chuhuiv and 18 in Zmiiv). In total, 106 persons took parts in these workshops. 72 ACAB have been registered for participation in the Project from Kharkiv Region: 17 in Kharkiv, 28 in Chuhuiv, 9 in Kupiansk, 1 in Lozova, 7 in Izyum, 1 in Krasnokutskyi District, 3 in Balakliia, 3 in Pisochyn, 1 in Zolochiv District, 1 in Luybotyn, and 1 in Valky.


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