In 2018 population migration is equal to 18.600 people. This is an official number, but according to unconfirmed reports, approximately a million of Ukrainian citizens emigrated with the purpose of occupational earnings in 2018. Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council expressed his opinion on this matter.

As the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council stated, “In accordance with the data of the UNO, this migration level may cause a decrease in population of Ukraine down to 36 mln people by 2050.”

So, from March 20, 2018 the website started functioning, it keeps counting labor migrants. According to the data of this resource, 907.500 people have already left Ukraine with the period from March 20, 2018 till January 30, 2019.

Sergii Chernov said, “Nowadays it is more than a million. But one should understand that most often people go abroad for a specified period and then come back. Though, the resource does not count the percentage of people who came back. Migration is an integral part of civilization development and a sign of globalization. Certainly, people will go to the places where they could get better living conditions, in their opinion. And first of all, the intellectuals and labor forces of the state are migrating, they are sure to be estimated deservedly in other countries but they are so required nowadays in Ukraine.”

The Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council emphasized that it is difficult to halt the process, and it is also not easy to adjust to it. In his opinion, the governmental officials should be prepared and already start thinking about solving the existing problems, how to replenish the missing working places, especially when it comes to working professions.

Sergii Chernov stressed, “Migration is a part of the development of the states, both from which and to which people migrate. It is a wide range of issues; from counteraction to human trafficking to border management; from communication of the state with its own citizens who wants to come back from other countries to the access of unregistered migrants to the healthcare system; from improving partnership relations with the private sector to including the migration potential of development into national strategic policy.  The issue should urgently be dealt with at all levels. Ukrainian society considers migration modern. And the task of the authorities is to make living of people in the state modern. It is not fair to put the best face on matters.”

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