Sergii Chernov, the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, the President of the Association of Local Self-Government Authorities in Kharkiv region and Mykola Titov, the First Vice-President- Executive Director of the Association, the Deputy of the Regional Council have conducted a meeting with Mr. Bo-Ewert Linne, the Head of Kharkiv Office of the OBSE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine and Ms. Khatuna Murgulia, the Deputy Head of Kharkiv Office.
47 populated areas of Belykyi Burluk district with population of 18 thousand people; 38 populated areas of Blyzniuky district in which over 11 thousand people live; 7 village populated areas of Izium district with 7 thousand citizens have taken the plunge in changing form of business pattern in their communities during last quarter. Totally 36 thousand people from these three districts voted for creating communal establishments aimed at solving various issues: from cleaning and land improvement to upgrading road surface.
Extended meeting with thechairmen of regional municipal enterprises, establishments and institutions, which are in common property of territorial communities of villages, townships and cities of the region, was held in the House of Councils.
In order to study the experience of Finland in development of local communities the delegation of the Association of local authorities of Kharkiv region visited South Karelia.
During today’s event devoted to reformation of social service the mayors of Kharkiv region, representatives of the social service got acquainted with the presented experience of social services in the English county Kent which was recently visited by the delegation from Chuhuiv. Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council took part in the discussion.
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