Serhii Chernov, the President of the Ukrainian Association of Raion and Regional Councils, the head of Kharkiv Regional Council opened a panel discussion dedicated to peculiarities of self-government reform implementation at the East of Ukraine, held in the framework of East Expo 2019 exhibition.
The victory in the DYTIATKO International Children's Media Festival made it possible for three Ukrainian studios not only visit France but also visit institutions of the Council of Europe, find out firsthand from people who are creating standards for the member countries of the Council of Europe, why, for example, public broadcasting is developing not as fast as Ukrainian citizens are expecting?
Serhii Chernov, the head of Kharkiv Regional Council held a meeting with winners of the Sumo World Championship and conferred them decorations of Kharkiv Regional Council.
When visiting Strasbourg, winners of the DYTIATKO Media Festival in the nomination “We are local self-governance!” mastered many skills as to behavior at the heart of democracy - the Palace of Europe. The most valuable achievement is exclusive interviews which have been made with the officials there.
The World Forum for Democracy will take place for the eighth time in the Palace of Europe in the city of Strasbourg, France on November 6- November 8. The winners of this year media festival “Dytiatko”, who paid attention to the vast range of questions of the field of local self-government, went there to follow the course of events. For the record, for the eighth time as well, because the Council of Europe has been a partner of the media festival and has been awarding trips to the headquarter of the Council of Europe to the winners of the special nomination “We are local self-government!” since 2012.
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