VI session XXIII convocation

Of May 11, 1999

On Approval of Symbolic
Of Kharkiv Region

Grounding on Art. 22, 43 of the Law of Ukraine
“On Local Authorities of Ukraine” the Regional Council


  1. To approve:
    1.1. The Emblem of Kharkiv Region;
    1.2. The Regulation “On the Emblem of Kharkiv Region”;
    1.3. The Flag of Kharkiv Region;
    1.4. The Regulation “On the Flag of Kharkiv Region”.
  2. The executive apparatus of the Regional Council shall organize the production of standard samples of the Emblem and the Flag of Kharkiv Region before August 1, 1999.
  3. To empower the Head of Kharkiv Regional Council with the right to give permission for usage of Kharkiv Region Symbolic and inform the Regional Council on cases of implementation of this right.
  4. To recommend village and town councils of the Region to establish local fees for usage of Kharkiv Region Symbolic by legal entities for commercial purposes in the amount of 0.1% of the produced goods value, works carried out or services provided with the use of Kharkiv Region Symbolic, for entrepreneur citizens – two minimum salaries provided 20% of the fee for the right to use Kharkiv Region Symbolic being transferred to the local budget and 80% to the Regional budget starting from June 01, 1999.
  5. 5. The responsibility for enforcement of the present Resolution shall be undertaken by A.I. Vinnyk, Vice-Head of Kharkiv Regional Council.



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