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12 November 2019

There is a whole package of powers and execution of them will be effective to the uttermost only at the subregional level

While making a public presentation of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and priorities of the government relating to the reforming of local self-government and territorial authorities in Ukraine, Sergii Chernov, President of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council stated that the Association makes an emphasis on the fact that there is a whole package of powers and execution of them will be effective to the uttermost only at the subregional level.

At the beginning of his speech Sergii Chernov told the attendees that “In September Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils arranged the All-Ukrainian seminar for representatives of local self-government authorities, and its participants adopted the Resolution. The 95% content of this document supports the conceptual framework for continuing reform of local self-government which we have heard from representatives of the Parliament, Government and the President’s Office.” 

In particular, the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils considers that the powers of the district councils and their executive bodies should include the following:

  • Objects of culture, physical culture, community-based tourism;
  • Board schools of general profile; specialized schools;
  • Management of other public communal property and enterprises of communal property of district  territorial communities;
  • Specific medical services (to be clearly defined);
  • Labor archives and social care centers;
  • Construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure of district status;
  • Departments to deal with subsequences caused by natural disasters and emergencies;
  • Environment protection; development of recreational potential;
  • Promotion of social and economic development of the district, including encouragement of investments, grants, international technical assistance.  

Moreover, Sergii Chernov drew everyone’s attention to uneven representation of territorial communities at district and regional councils and necessity in improving laws on local elections. Thus, according to his words, on the whole 48 geographical administrative divisions do not have their representatives at regional councils all over Ukraine. For example, city of Liubotyn as well as Barvinkivskyi and Shevchenkivskyi district (total population is over 62 thousand people) are not represented at Kharkiv Regional Council.

It is proposed to form quantitative representation at district and regional councils depending on quantity of communities in a district or a region, multiplied by two. It is not correct to use quantities relating to community representatives at the district or regional council depending on electorate quantity in this community. Pursuant to the current legislation, status and powers of communities do not depend on electorate, thus, communities are entitled to even representation at local councils of subregional and regional levels.

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