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22 October 2021

Prior to Russia Day, celebrated on June 12, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Kharkiv, Sergei Semionov, held a reception. On behalf of Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergii Chernov, First Deputy Chairperson of the Regional Council, Olena Oleshko, congratulated the staff of the diplomatic mission.  

The event was also attended by First Deputy Chairman of Belgorod Regional Duma, Alexander Skliarov, Deputy Chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Andrii Mochenkov, Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv, Svitlana Gorbunova-Ruban, deputies of Kharkiv Regional Council, representatives of diplomatic missions in the Region, clergy, heads of higher education establishments, enterprises, and public organizations. The eent took place in the conference hall of “Kharkiv” Hotel.    

Launching the reception, Sergei Semionov emphasized unity of peoples of Ukraine, Russia, and Byelorussia as they have common history, culture, and religion. This unifies them and provides a reason to be sure that Slavic people will always develop good-neighborly relations together.  
“It is a great honor for me to congratulate everyone present with the holiday, Russia Day. Russia today is an influential state with powerful economic and industrial potential, rich cultural traditions. I think that for the Consul General Kharkiv has already become his native city. I hope that our cooperation will only develop, and pleasant memories of Kharkiv will remain with all the staff of the Consulate. I am firmly convinced that Russia and Ukraine will always maintain friendly, brotherly relations as our peoples are linked with a lot of common things. We have many promising plans aimed at our territories’ and our citizens’ development and well-being. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all good and peace,” Olena Oleshko said. 
While talking to representatives of the Region’s mass media during the reception, Alexander Skliarov emphasized that close relations in economy, education, science, and culture have been formed between Belgorod and Karkiv regions within the framework of “Slobozhanshchyna” Euroregion. 
“We are implementing many projects together. We are meeting within joint deputies’ working groups. In spite of the fact that borders exist, leaders of both regions apply maximum effort so that all the traditions laid down by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers continue,” noted First Deputy Chairman of Belgorod Regional Duma, Alexander Skliarov. 
On June 12, 1990, the First Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted “The Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic”. June 12 became a holiday in 1992, according to a Resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, as “The Day of adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation”. The official name, “Russia Day”, was adopted with the adoption of the new Labor Code on 1 February 2002.