Kharkiv Regional Council

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Address: Sumska Street, 64, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61200
22 October 2021
Today, a reception took place at the Regional Council on the occasion of the Journalist Day, during which Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergii Chernov, and his First Deputy, Olena Oleshko, congratulated mass media representatives.

The Chairman of the Regional Council noted that objectivity and lack of bias have always been distingushing of the Kharkiv journalism: "Recently, Deputy Chairman of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine, Larysa Mudrak, gave a high mark to the openness of Kharkiv authorities. Many things that we became used to, for instance, live broadcasts of the Council's sessions by two channels, as well as online, became possible, among other things, thanks to you. Your work is aimed at overcoming barriers between society and authorities. The Regional Council and I personally have always been adherents of openness in our work, of constructive dialogue. I am sincerely grateful to you for your principled stand, active attitude, and honesty."

First Deputy Chairperson of the Regional Council, Olena Oleshko, wished those present a constant creative search: "When journalists stop being interested, when sparks fade from their eyes, when journalists stand still, they die as professionals. I wish you a constant interestedness in your work, and satisfaction from your work. I wish everybody personal happiness: those who have not met their other halves, I am sure that your destiny is somewhere near; I wish you children in your families, that your lives are filled with harmony."

The Kharkiv Regional Council's Award Certificates were awarded to:

- the staff of the television group of the communal enterprise "'Kharkovskiye izvestiya' Newspaper of Kharkiv City Council" and of the communal enterprise of Balakliya District Council "'Visti Balakliyshchyny' Editorial Office";

- Nataliya Verbova, deputy head of the Department of work with public and mass media of the executive staff of Kharkiv Regional Council;

- Kateryna Makhova, Editor-in-Chief of Kharkiv Regional State Broadcasting Company;

- Alina Menshova, art editor of the communal enterprise - editorial office of "Slobidsky kray" newspaper;

- Valentyna Romanenko, editor of the Valky District newspaper, "Silski novyny".

Letters of gratitude of the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council was presented to:

- Svitlana Slobodyan, correspondent of "OTB-Novyny"  television information service of Kharkiv Regional State Broadcasting Company;

- Iryna Voronkina, editor of Blyznyuky District newspaper "Nove Zhyttya";

- Roman Gnoyovy, director of Chuguyiv Radio Company. 

A valuable present - a watch with the inscription, "Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council" was awarded to Tetiana Kostenko, Editor-in-Chief of "'Vechirniy Kharkiv' Editorial Office", Ltd.