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22 October 2021

This is the position voiced by Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergii Chernov, during today’s video conference “Online events in local self-government bodies and the third sector”. 

Traditionally, every Monday, representatives of local self-government bodies of various regions of Ukraine discuss issues of territories’ development. Chairman of Zhytomyr Regional Council, Yosip Zapalovsky, raised the issue facing regional councils today: that of transferring agricultural forests from communal to state ownership. 

“This issue requires detailed scrutiny. Regional councils cannot adopt decisions on transferring agricultural forests from communal to state ownership in shortest time as there is no respective justification,” Sergii Chernov thinks. “Besides, such an angle of raising the issue runs contrary to the position of the President of Ukraine where the need to decentralize power is concerned.” 

Chairman of Kirovohrad Regional Council, Mykola Kovalchuk, who had worked in forestry for over 30 years, thinks that it is feasible to conduct round tables in every region of Ukraine during which a common position should be worked out.  He thinks that if the issue of protecting field windbreaks which now lack owners is not solved, Ukraine’s South will soon turn into a desert with hot dry winds. 

“We must say categorically: if the state wants to accept all Ukraine’s forest plantations, let it start with field and gully windbreaks, and only after this take over the agricultural melioration stock of our communal enterprises. So that, as a result, the state becomes the owner of all Ukraine’s forest plantations without exception, not only the best forests. Then this will be understandable,” Mykola Kovalchuk noted.  

The participants in today’s video conference also considered new regulatory legal acts and resolutions related to activities of local self-government bodies.