Kharkiv Regional Council

Phone: +3 8057 700-40-57
Fax: +3 8057 700-53-35
Address: Sumska Street, 64, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61200
22 October 2021

The Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov conducted today an on-line consultation with readers of the “Slobidkyi Krai” newspaper.

Citizens of Krasnogradskyi, Kharkivskyi, Chuguivskyi, Zolochivskyi, Blyzniukivskyi, Krasnokutskyi, Zmiyivskyi and Pechenizhskyi regions as well as Kharkiv city turned to the Head of the Oblast Council with questions concerning numerous areas.

In particular, the region’s citizens turned to Sergii Chernov requesting his help in land and property shares documentation proceeding; ensuring heating supply for an educational establishment; a town collector repair; timely wage pays; preserving lawful grounding for utility bills.

The Head of the Oblast Council paid much attention to all telephone requests. He also suggested submitting some of them in written form for further review. Sergii Chernov promised that not a single request will be left unattended.