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22 October 2021

Another meeting was held in Kozyn town, Kyiv Region, between the participants of the introduction of the “Estimation of Public Ethics Standard” component of the EC Program “Strengthening the Capacity of Local Authorities in Ukraine”. The Head of the PR and Mass-Media Department of the executive authorities of Kharkov Region Council Volodymyr Diagilev took part in the event.

The agenda included reviewing the current stage of the drafted Ethics Codes implementation and discussing the transfer to the second phase of the Program – establishment of Ethics Committees. It should be mentioned that nearly all the participants have already signed the Codes, the rest plan to do it by the end of the current year.

Kharkov Region adopted a general Code of Ethic Behavior for Deputies and Local Authorities Officials at the general assembly of the Local Authorities Association and recommended all the regional Councils to adopt it on their level.

During the XVII session plenary meeting on November 15, 2012, Kharkov Regional Council, as the Program’s participant, adopted amendments to the Regulations in accordance with ethic requirements of the Code. Earlier in November, the 2012-2015 Collective Treaty between the authorities and professional unions committee of the executive authorities of the Regional Council got a new section regulating ethic norms of behavior.

According to European Council experts, Kharkov region was considered an example; other Kharkov regional Councils now are expected to draw and adopt such Codes. This will have a so called multiplication effect.

During the meeting, practical aspects of establishing Ethics Committees were discussed as well as their functions and working plan. The EC experts informed the participants of the most efficient Committees operation in different countries.

The Committees aims, tasks, law conditions, staff selection and formation were discussed during group training.

According to EC expert Henk Bruning (Holland), the Committees tasks include promotion of ethic norms, training, complaints review, providing recommendations and advice. The Committees are to inform the community about their operation through publication of corresponding reports.

The Committee’s staff should include the most respected and experienced officials whose opinion would be valued. The Committees are to be established by the end of February, 2013. The European Council will continue trainings in the defined areas.

This year, 4 Regional and 5 City Councils participated in the EC Project on Ethics Code drafting aimed at strengthening the capacity of local authorities: Kharkiv, Donetsk, Chernihiv, Ternopil Regional Councils; Vinnitsa, Slavutych, Trostianets, Ukrayinsk, Pavlograd City Councils.