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03 March 2021

During communications with representatives of mass media Council of President of Ukraine Maryna Stavniychuk who participated in the work of Congress of Ukrainian association of district and regional boards assured that movements in the process of reforming city self-administration will come at the nearest future.

As Maryna Stavniychuk informed, next week Board of regions headed by President of Ukraine will review Conception of reforming city self-administration in Ukraine and territory power organization.

“At present we can say that general work and proposals of Administration of President of Ukraine, profile ministry, Council of Europe, Association of city boards, experts and specialists will give serious results quite soon, First of all, they will approve Conception, arrange the plan of immediate measures to realize this” – Maryna Stavniychuk informed.

Council of President of Ukraine accentuated on reforming city self-administration: “First there will be measures connected with development of city democracy. They will be directed to attracting people to make decisions on city and regional levels in different forms, starting with the simplest ones – for instance, performance of general meetings domiciliary ad finishing with constitutional forms of direct desire as from regulation of execution of city referendum at proper level.

Besides, today we tell about efficiency, effectiveness of city self-administration. It’s quite important to understand that cooperation of representatives of bodies of city self-administration with people at democratic bodies shall come in force every day”.

“Another unconditional priority”, -as Maryna Stavniychuk stated, connected with realization of reforms started, - social, pension, medical, budget, health care, education that are most important for vital activity of community, provision of worthy welfare of people at cities. For us it’s quite important to evaluate quality and system of rendering services to population by the bodies of self-administration – own or state delegated ones”.

Council of President of Ukraine underlined that after making serious analysis of the own and state delegated authorities of the bodies of city self-administration one can tell of uniting reform of city self-administration with administration territory.