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26 September 2020

The Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Mr.Sergii Chernov, visited the First Call celebration event in Krasnograd Educational Complex Nr.3.

The Director of Educational Complex Nr.3, Mr.Grygorii Kashuba congratulated all the participants of festive line with the First of September feast. The school meets this event being renovated: “In a very short time period all 80 windows of the school have been replaced with energy efficient ones. This was done at the assistance of the Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Mr. Sergii Chernov. Warm and welcoming school is waiting for its pupils, who, I believe, will thank by their academic excellence. ”

Mr. Grygorii Kashuba presented creditable certificates to forty excellent pupils of the school, by noting, that this makes 10% of the total pupils number, but the teaching staff tirelessly work at continuous improvement of educational process effectiveness.

The Head of the Regional Council was entrusted an honorable mission, namely, to ring a bell together with the first grade pupils, thus, informing the Day of Knowledge has come and together with it also the first teacher, new experiences and the strongest school friendship.

“Looking at kids who crossed the school doorstep for the first time today, I want to live and work for them, because they are the future of Krasnograd and Kharkiv regions, and of the whole Ukraine”,- addressed the audience at the ceremony for parents, teachers and pupils of Educational Complex, the Head of Kharkiv Regional Council, Mr. Sergii Chernov.