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21 January 2022

The head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, President of Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils Sergey Chernov is assured in it and declaimed it in the program "Person" on channel R-1. Sergey Chernov said that the reform of local government, administrative-territorial structure and territorial organization of power are closely and long related. Reforms of healthcare, education, culture and success of its implementation, largely depend on the organizing of the Ukrainian communities’structure.

Sergey Chernov argued the need for fundamental reform of local government, which was initiated by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during the municipal hearings in November the previous year:

"For twenty years of independence of the population in Ukraine reduced for 2.5 million citizens. 558 settlements disappeared from the state map. The number of communities increased in 1067.

At present the criteria what must be district, city, town, village or community are uncertain. For example from the Kharkiv Oblast: in Kolomak living area 7,600 people, and in Kharkiv - over 180 thousand. Both areas have similar powers and structure of government.

There is also no definition of "region". In the usual sense for us, Europeans do not understand this word. For them, the regions have a slightly different meaning.

In Ukraine, 93 cities have less than 10,000 of population in 47 villages - more than 10 thousand. There is no mechanism that would regulate this legislation on these matters.

Administrative division of Ukraine was formed mostly during the 1917-1960 years of the last century and is still governed by a document adopted by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet in 1981".