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12 July 2020

Within the project “Development of course on strengthening local government in Ukraine” (“PULS”) a professional workshop for Regional and Raion Councils representatives has been held today in the House of Councils. Serhii Chernov, the head of Kharkiv Regional Council, addressed to the meeting with welcome speech.

Within the day the participants of the discussion will consider legal regulation and discuss core steps of planning for enterprise in the field of health care with non-commercial nature of activity. The project has been implementing by the Ukrainian Association of Raion and Regional Councils and the Association of Ukrainian Cities, with financial support from USAID.

Serhii Chernov, the head of Kharkiv Regional Council, when greeting the participants of one-day professional workshop, have emphasized that the selected theme “Business-planning of activity of public health care institutions, owned by the bodies of local government” was selected for a good reason and formed in line with a survey and demands of the oblast community.

“Except for explanations of legal regulation of communal non-commercial enterprises activity in the field of health care as such, you will also have an opportunity to solve practical tasks on-line - the head of Regional Council said. – For representatives of enterprises with non-commercial nature of activity it is very important not only to determine main correct steps in business-planning, but also work out step-by-step actions”.

The details of medicine reformation were explained by the speaker, Kostiantyn Nadutyi - the expert of the Ukrainian Association of Raion and Regional Councils, coordinator of Ukrainian Medical Expert Community, deputy head of managing board of Ukrainian Doctors’ Community, member of board of Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine.

Thus, the moderator of the event emphasized that the process of medicine reformation is one of the most complicated ones. In his view, now managers of health care institutions should think progressively and in advance.

“The main purpose is to learn how to predict own actions under the conditions of transition to the business model of activity, protect oneself against risks, be able to estimate them, forecast them and, eventually, prevent them”, Kostiantyn Nadutyi believes.

In particular, in the course of the dialog the medical representatives from Regional and Raion Councils, Regional Primary Health Care Centers posed a set of questions to the expert, discussed with one another, exchanged their impressions and opinions, and also shared their experience and best practices of their health care institutions.