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15 July 2020

Meeting of the Council of partners-beneficiaries of the project “Effective primary medicine in community” took place today in the House of councils with participation of Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, Head of the Council of partners-beneficiaries.

During the event, the participants approved the project documentation for participation in the mini-grants contest within the project "Effective primary medicine in community", the methodology for evaluating project application forms, the composition of the contest committee and the terms of the contest.

According to Sergii Chernov, Chairman of the Regional Council, ten mini-grants will be provided for improvement of effective health care in Kharkiv regional communities in 2019. Maximal sum of each grant from the regional budget – UAH 300 000,00.

“These funds can be spent on the implementation of strategic plans for the development of primary medicine, the strengthening of workforce capacity, additional education of medical workers, the improvement of quality of medical services to the population. Also, the institution can buy new equipment which will improve access to modern diagnostic methods”, Sergii Chernov said.

All preparation work is planned to be executed by the end of May in order to choose the winners and transfer grant from the regional budget to local levels in order to begin implementation of the projects in June, summarize and report on their implementation in December.     

Thus, the primary health care centers which have concluded contracts with the National Health Service of Ukraine, primary health care centers which are nonprofit institutions and communal property of communities, and local self-government authorities, on the territory of which the institutions of primary links of medicine operate.

According to Halyna Pronkina, coordinator of the grant program, the evaluation of project application forms will be carried out in two stages:

“The first stage includes technical evaluation of the applicants for the eligibility of the selection criteria of the project. At the second stage, the evaluation of project application forms by the contest committee is carried out in accordance with the selection criteria and methodology approved by the Council of partners- beneficiaries.”

The Chairman of the Regional Council stressed that if the effective results are shown at the contest, the methodology will be used as a basis and a similar contest will be introduced by the Regional Council starting from next year.


“I think it will stimulate local self-government authorities, primary health care centers, initiative groups to take part in such projects and involve additional funds for repairing buildings, purchasing new equipment, training specialists and creating conditions for work. This is a promising direction, which, I am sure, will work for many years and will be of use in Kharkiv region and may then be distributed throughout the country,” Sergii Chernov remarked.

The application form and documentation for grant can be submitted from March 28, 2019 till May 12, 2019, until 24:00 local time.

Determination of the winners - before May 22, 2019.

Execution deadline for mini-grants:  June 2019 –November 2019.

More detailed information regarding participation, selection criteria, procedure of  application forms submission can be found in the Procedure for the conduct of mini-grant contest within the execution of the project “Effective primary medicine in community”, approved by the order of the Regional Council on February 28, 2019. (

If you have any questions regarding mini-grant contest, send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.