During visiting Kharkov region Prime-minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov visited Kharkiv tractor plant after S.Ordzhonikidze as the largest enterprise in Ukraine and CIS countries dealing with manufacturing of unified crawler and wheeled agricultural tractors for general purpose, arable and universal ones. The head of Kharkiv regional board Sergii Chernov visited the plant together with Prime-minister.
By invitation of the provost of Kharkiv national Academy of Municipal Services Volodymyr Babayev the head of Kharkiv regional board Sergii Chernov met students KhNAMS who in future will be specialized in management of organizations of municipal self-administration.
On September 3, 2012, Lyudmyla Davydova, the Deputy Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, made a working visit of Valky District. Together with Oleksandr Kholodny, the Chairman of the District Council, and Mykola Malyavin, the Head of the District State Administration, Lyudmyla Davydova took part in opening of educational and bringing-up complex in Novy Merchyk village.
The Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Mr.Sergii Chernov, visited the First Call celebration event in Krasnograd Educational Complex Nr.3.
With reference to mechanisms of systematic and harmonious development of state regions, it was stated by the President of Ukrainian Association of district and regional Councils, the Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Mr. Sergii Chernov that such very essential average- and long-term planning on management basis remains to stay more declarative on regional level.
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