Today during General meeting of the Association of the local government bodies of Kharkiv Region, that took place in Borova district, participants of the meeting discussed the draft of the Ethic Code for deputies and officials of the local government bodies in Kharkiv Region. The document has been elaborated by the Executive Management of the Association and the Kharkiv Regional Institute of the State Government at the President of Ukraine.  
The Association of Authorities of Local Self-Government of Kharkiv Region was the first in Ukraine to be registered in 2007 as a regional association of authorities of local self-government.
This is the issue President of the Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, Head of Kharkiv regional council Sergii Chernov focused on in his speech today at the International conference “Multi-level Management of the Education System: Challenges and Opportunities”, which is taking place in Brussels.
This target of the state and regional power was accentuated to-day by the President of Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov in Brussels in his speech at the conference “Local and regional aspects of the Eastern Partnership”.
 In Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and in power institutions of the European Union a Conference “Local and regional aspects of Eastern Partnership” is going on to-day, where collaboration of local and regional powers of countries – Eastern partners of the European Union- including Ukraine, are discussed. Our state, in particular, is represented by the President of Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, Сhairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov.
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