During communications with representatives of mass media Council of President of Ukraine Maryna Stavniychuk who participated in the work of Congress of Ukrainian association of district and regional boards assured that movements in the process of reforming city self-administration will come at the nearest future.
 “Today the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils unites all the regional councils, the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and almost 80% of district councils in all parts of Ukraine. This is a real power, - Sergii Chernov, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, pointed out during briefing held within frames of the Congress of members of the Association of Odessa Region, - We generate ideas for development of the regions, bring them to the notice of the top officials of the state and want to have the possibility to influence processes taking place in the country”.
 At the meeting of representatives of the national associations of local self-government authorities with Mykola Azarov, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Sergii Chernov, the President of Association of District and Regional Councils and the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, raised a number of issues determining a successful development of the regions and local self-government.
 This information was stated by president of Association, head of Kharkiv regional board Sergii Chernov during his report at All-Ukrainian congress of delegates of district and regional boards that was held in settlement Chornomorske Odessa region.
The head of Kharkiv regional board Sergii Chernov, deputy head of regional state administration Yuri Sapronov and deputy municipal head Sergii Tereckhov opened Great Slobozhanskiy Fair at Svobody square that will be operating during two days. At fair was present General Council of Russian Federation in Kharkiv Sergii Semenov, representatives of diplomatic corps of ten countries of near and far abroad
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